Carbon excursions

Rocky Rex

There are several examples in the geological record of things called

Carbon excursions’..….

All five of the major Phanerozoic mass extinction events are matched by significant carbon isotopic excursions.

Negative CEs involve lots of gaseous carbon compounds adding to the air, causing warming.

Positive CEs involve the reverse…. processes absorb the gases and cooling follows.

Examples of +ve CEs include…..

‘Snowball Earth’ events.….

An example of a -ve CE is the PETM.

The Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

See Section 9 ..Conclusions… last sentence.

Ecosystems recovered from the PETM ….. it ‘only’ took 100,000 years.

The earth systems simply react to the chemistry ….. how the gases get into the air is unimportant.

And currently CO2 is rising at 20 ppm per decade.

The ice core record (800,000 years) shows that the fastest rise in CO2 over that time was 20 ppm… 1000 years.

Nothing like this has happened in the time of Homo sapiens.


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