New Climate Myth – Geothermal heat is melting ice-sheets in Antarctica, not climate change

Rocky Rex

There have been claims that volcanic activity and/or geothermal heat are the reason for melting ice-sheets on Antarctica.

This new myth was not easy to track down, but its origin lies in a total misinterpretation of this paper, describing research on the Thwaites Glacier….

which has been massively misreported.

All this research implies is that the Thwaites Glacier is behaving more like a warm-based glacier (as found in temperate regions) rather than a cold-based glacier (as normal for polar glaciers)

This article …..

Strong Sensitivity of Pine Island Ice-Shelf Melting to Climatic Variability;343/6167/174

is useful ……hat-tip to ‘chrisbrown’ who sent the link.


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