What does ‘catastrophic’ mean?

Rocky Rex

The word catastrophic is hard to quantify, so it is not a scientific word, it is a matter of how effects apply in different situations.

For example, when a small ‘climate event’ happened in 1783, it had effects that some would describe as catastrophic..

Volcanic link to the French Revolution.


A similar event a few decades later also had profound effects …….

1816, the ‘Year without a Summer’



And the Russian heatwave in 2010 had effects that certainly have led to consequences..

2010, A poor Russian harvest, food prices and the Arab Spring


These are tiny compared to what will come.


Another one bites the dust

Yes, “Another global warming contrarian paper found to be unrealistic and inaccurate” is up on the Grauniad’s Environment section and open to comments.

Here’s the subject paper: Spencer and Braswell – 2014 – The role of ENSO in global ocean temperature change. The Abrahams et al paper is available on the Grauniad article.

The usual suspects have tried all the usual tactics to try and de-rail or otherwise deflect the argument their poster boy isn’t wrong.

Interestingly, the deniers, who pin so much on direct observations, have spent much more time and provided many more posts on this article, than on the rather more important article about how the Arctic sea ice is still receding.

Go figure.